Just copy the code below and paste it to your website, blogs text editor! Make sure you don't edit anything or it may not work properly.

ArcadeCabin.com - Emded Games Help/How to
How do I add / embed your games to my website, blogs etc.?
Just copy the HTML code that's provided to you on each game. To copy, just click on the code to select/highlight the code then right click and select copy. You can then just paste the code to your website, blogs etc.

Is there any special requirements to get this working?
None! Just make sure you copy/pase the code properly and that the site (where you're adding the game) supports HTML and emded tags.

Why does the game load so slow? Why do I see a blank white space?
Some games are big in file size so it may take some time to load your game. If you see a blank white space its either the game is still loading or you did not copy/paste the code properly.

How do I change the width/height of the game?
From the code find the "width" and "height" attribute and change the value. (ex. change it to width="400" height="350") and the game dimension should change.

How do I get rid of the background music from the game?
Unfortunately there is no way of doing this by editing the code. Some games has an option to turn off the background music playing.

My question is not listed above. What do I do?
If your question is not listed above you can use our contact form to send us an email.