Escape the Plane

Escape the Plane

Need help or stuck on the game Escape the Plane? Below we have the walkthrough and guide for this game. Get tips, hints and maybe some cheat codes as well if it's available! » Play Escape the Plane

- Pick up the match closest to you

- Turn around and pick up the bandaid from the first aid box

- Turn and click on the box and then pick up the bat

- Combine the match and bandaid, then click the bat

- With bat in hand, hover over where the light focuses to set the match alight

- Move to where the pen is and hover over the string to burn it

- Smash the pen with the bat

- Click that area to pick up the spring

- Click the spring twice to unravel

- Move to the handcuffs and click on it with the spring in hand

- Hit the tumblers with the spring, 213

- Now you can move to the other side of the plane

- Click the boxes to the right to get the pliers

- Click the boxes at the back, the click to the left to get the screwdriver

- Click the "Turn Around" text

- Click at the back at the top to find a key

- Click the "Turn Around" text

- Click on the green safe and use the key to get the laser

- Click on the panel and use the laser to burn off the clips

- Get the parachute

- Click so you are facing the other way again and click on the door and then on the door pad

- Use the screwdriver to open it up

- Then cut the wires with the pliers

- Congratulations! You have escape the plane!