Geek Girl Escape 2 High School Mystery

Geek Girl Escape 2 High School Mystery

Need help or stuck on the game Geek Girl Escape 2 High School Mystery? Below we have the walkthrough and guide for this game. Get tips, hints and maybe some cheat codes as well if it's available! » Play Geek Girl Escape 2 High School Mystery

Click on white board to close up. Collect symbol from upper right corner (you can pay the kid in the bathroom 5 symbols at a time for clues. There are 24 symbols hidden throughout the game. Total will appear on the sliding inventory to the right, near the bottom.)

Click on marker to move and note numbers and their colors (this information will be recorded in your notebook when you find it.) The numbers are green9, purple 13, orange 10.

Go back. Click on globe to close up. Note country that is red. (Mexico.)

Go back. Click on desk in foreground that is covered in gum to close up. Collect symbol from right side. One piece of gum is glowing - only one matches. Click on the other one to open the desk.

Desk will open, collect notebook. Now a notebook button appears in the lower left that you can click to look at past information. The button will glow when new information is added to the notebook. The notebook is organized by subject. The hints you get from the emo kid in the bathroom will also appear in the notebook.

Go back. Go right. Collect symbol from wall. Go right twice to screen with bookshelf. Click on pile of books on right hand side of screen to close up. Collect card catalogue drawer from behind books. Go back.

Click on bookshelf to close up. Click on book titled "Mexico" on uppermost shelf, in the middle. Book will come off shelf. Click on book again to open. Collect bobby pin. Go back. Go right to screen with door. Click on door handle to close up.

Drag bobby pin to door handle to pry out gum. Go back. Click on door to open. Exit.


Click on janitor to get map button. Now you can travel around the school. Click on locker to close up. (First locker in the farther away bank of lockers.) Collect symbol. Note locker lock.

Click on map button to go to map.

Go to library. (hint to go to library is in the notebook.) Click on librarian to make her disappear.

Click on symbol on chair to collect. Click on bookshelves behind librarian to close up.

Bookshelf Puzzle:

Match the volumes of Shakespeare's plays with the hints on the shelf by dragging them. Click the reset button to remove all the books if you place one incorrectly.


Tumult = The Tempest

Smiling Diana's = Merry Wives of Windsor

Whatever = As You Like It

Epiphany Eve = Twelfth Night

A tempest in a teapot = Much Ado About Nothing

Funny mistakes = The Comedy of Errors.

When puzzle is solved, music will appear. Collect music and the symbol behind it. Go back.

Click on card catalogue on left of screen. Drag card catalogue drawer from inventory to empty spot. Note that card catalogue drawers will now push in and darken when you press them. If you press them again they will clear.

Click map button and go to music room.

Collect symbol from behind shelf. Go right. Click on poster on wall for a brush up course in piano music. Go back. Go right again to piano.

Click on symbol on piano to collect it. Click on piano keyboard to close up. Drag music to piano to place.

Piano Puzzle:

The keys are labeled with the names of the notes. You need to enter the notes on the music by pressing the keys on the piano. If you read music, this is simple. If you don't read music, you can use the poster on the wall (see above) or you can visit the bathroom and pay the kid five tags to get a hint.

Solution: The word spelled out by the music is "DECADE" Hit those piano keys in order. A key will slide to the side and reveal a key. Collect the ky.

Hit map button and go to gym. (Hint in notebook.)

Click on gym teacher. Collect symbol from wall. Click on locker room door to enter locker room.

Locker Room Puzzle:

There is a list of tasks to do. After you complete them, you must locate and collect the film reel.


Sponge is located on locker room bench, near mirror. Drag to mirror to clean.

Mop is located in rightmost side of screen. Drag mop to coke spill (bottom of screen) to clean.

First sock is located on garbage can. Drag to second sock, on bottom right of screen (on pile of newspapers) to match.

Drag three slices to inside of box to complete pizza.

Pizza slices are located: 1) On the garbage can, 2) Near the lockers, right side of screen, behind a coffee cup 3) Bottom left side of screen, on bench, under notebook.

Now you can find the film reel. Click on the locker marked with heart-and-arrow graffiti. Collect film reel.

Click on map. Click on auditorium.


Collect blue tag.

Click arrow to go to projection booth. Collect symbol from wall. Drag film reel to projector. Press red button to turn projector on. Click arrow to return to theater. The film is too faint to see, so click on light switch on wall to close up. Click on light switch to turn off lights. Go back and view film.

Film is a series of numbers, looping. The red frame indicates the start. The numbers are 5-4-2.

Click map. Click on homeroom and exit door to return to hallway. Click on locker to close up. Put combo into locker by clicking numbers on lock.

Combination is 5-4-2.

Go back and then click open locker to close up again. Collect symbol and overhead projector film.

Click map button and click on math class.

Click on teacher then click on overhead projector. Collect symbol from side of projector. Click on projector again to close up. Drag projector sheet to surface. Go back once and click on red button to turn it on. Go back once more.

Click on projection screen to lower. A quiz will appear projected on the screen.

The quiz is a series of simple math problems in different colors.

(blue) 2x2

(red) 3x3

(yellow) 36-29

(green) 16/8

The answers are 4, 9, 7 and 2.

Click on map and head to cafeteria.


Click on tray on table to close up. Each compartment of the food tray is a different color. Click on the various food items until their number corresponds to the number of that color in the math quiz. Tomatoes = 4. Cookies =2. Tater Tots = 9. Chicken Fingers =7.

If you go too far clicking the food items, they will cycle around back to one. Once the code is entered, the food will disappear and be replaced by a chemistry flask. Collect flask. Collect symbol under tray.

Click on map and go to Chem Lab.

Chem Lab:

Click on teacher. Click on chem set up to close up. Collect symbol. Drag flash from inventory to stand.

The puzzle gives you three different fluids, one at a time, in the beaker on the right and your task is to match the color of the fluid in the flask on the left to that in the beaker. You can do this by clicking on the four colored test tubes in the rack to add colors to the flask.

There is a hint back in the homeroom that gives you the total number of clicks for each color (9 green, 13 purple, 10 orange.


First solution: Green 6, Yellow 3.

Second solution: Blue 10, Red 3.

Third solution: Yellow 4, Red 6.

When puzzle is solved, crossword puzzle with appear. Collect puzzle. Click on map button. Return to library.


Click on card catalogue to close up. Drag the crossword puzzle to the push pin on the bulletin board.

The crossword puzzle is a guide for solving the card catalogue. Click on the drawers to darken them in the same pattern as the crossword. When you are done, a plain piece of notebook paper will appear. Collect it.

Click on map and go to guidance office. Drag notebook paper to guidance counselor. Collect graffiti symbol from behind him on wall. Click on pens on floor to close up.

Pen Puzzle:

You need to locate the pens described. There is a blue graffiti symbol hidden behind the pens on the righthand side of the screen.

When you've located all the pens, the pen you are looking for will appear. Click on it to collect it.

Drag pen to guidance counselor. He will write you a note. Collect note.

Click on map button. Go to main office. Collect two symbols from desk and back wall. Hand note to secretary. She will leave. Click on desk to close up. Click on draw with lock to close up more. Drag key to lock. Drawer will open revealing backpack. Click on backpack to win!