homer: this time i got 117761
homer: im best cos i got 63486 points
john: i'm the best because 54326
john: In to the ground at buitiful eyes at the buitiful
holly : This game is so bad.The downloud is very very very slow.the games are crap.Is just lack of everything
kayleighbraiden: This game is awsome!
kayleighbraiden: This game is awsome!
bart : all of u suck at this games
bart: all of u suck at this game
simpsons: wohoo
Homer says: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Toast
Homer: DOW
Bart: eat my shorts
milton: im the best in this game because 51184
espanola: estupideza jugar
Redpuffle: Yie! I Got T-O-A-S-T-E-D This Game Reminds Me Of Kokanee And Koors Light
Redpuffle: I Love The Game!!!!!!!!!!!!
ignacio: que berga
ignacio: es el mejor juego que e visto en mi vida
acheter du viag: njypskge ugvensme oroxmoab